The Pet Patrol Groom Shop offers professional Dog Bathing and Grooming Services 7 days a week, preferably by appointment only but we may be able to accommodate walk-ins. The time it takes to complete your dog varies depending on your dog’s size, the type and condition of the coat, and the specific services requested. We will call/email/text when your dog is ready for pick-up.

Please Call us at 951-432-7480 to make a grooming appointment.

Please note: The following prices are estimates only. Pricing may vary depending on the amount of time and effort involved in meeting your dog’s individual needs. For a more accurate estimate, please ask to speak with one of our professional groomers at the time of drop-off, or stop by for a visit so the groomer can get a good look at your dog and discuss what options are available to you. Note: for dogs with health conditions, behavioral issues, or especially matted/tangled fur, grooming options may be limited. Your dog’s health and safety will always be our top priority.

*We have a 60 minute pickup window for grooming dogs once we call or text you to let you know your dog is ready, a $10 late fee could apply if you cannot pickup your dog within a hour of completion. Thank you*


Deluxe Wash

Wash, Conditioner, Nail Trim, Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning + Cologne

Small: Under 25 lbs. – $30
Medium: 26-40 lbs. – $36
Large: 41-80 lbs. – $41
Extra Large: 81+ lbs – $52

Bath & Tidy

Deluxe Wash with Eye, Paw, and Sanitary trim

Small – $40
Medium – $46
Large – $51
Extra Large – $64


Scissor Trim, Breed Cut, Puppy Cut or Shave Down { Includes Deluxe Wash }

Small – $48
Medium – $60
Large – $76
Extra Large – $90

A La Carte

A Variety of Services for You to Choose From

Nail Trim – $12

Teeth Brushing – $12

Specialty Trim – $15 { Sanitary, Face, Paw, Feathers }

De-Shedding/De-Matting – $15 (Per 30 Min)

Specialty Shampoos

Flea Shampoo – $8

Medicated Shampoo – $8
De-Skunk Shampoo – $8

 Oatmeal,Whitening, Aloe – $4

Contact Info

782 N. Main St., Corona, CA 92880

Monday – Saturday: 7:00AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

(951) 432-7480

(951) 667-1902